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La Paranza dei Bambini ENG



La Paranza Dei Bambini charts the descent into organized crime of a naïve group of 15-year-old pals led by the inexperienced but cocksure Nicola (Francesco Di Napoli). Behind his clean-cut face, neat haircut and designer clothes lies a dangerously small brain. Imagining himself as the savior of the Sanità neighborhood where he lives with his mom and little brother, he goes from dealing marijuana for one local gang to bartering for guns, rifles and automatic weapons with another and finally, absurdly, declares war on all those left standing for the crown of top dog.

La Paranza dei Bambini is a thrilling story set in Naples. It is based on Roberto Saviano's (Gomorra) best-selling book "Blood Game - Cammoran's Children" and won a Silver Bear for best script at the Berlin Film Festival.

Title: Piranhas

Director: Claudio Giovannesi

Country: Italien 

Language: Italienska

Running time: 105 min

Year: 2019

Cast: Francesco Di Napoli, Viviana Aprea, Mattia Piano Del Balzo

Swedish premiere: Winter 2019